pH Balance Skincare



Who We Are:

pH Balance Skincare is a skin-inspired brand. Our scientifically-proven products unite the power of select natural and organic ingredients in effective pH balanced formulas that work in synergy with the skin. 

Aligned with our belief that the power of how you look is closely intertwined with how you live and feel, pH Balance Skincare endeavors to create youthful, vibrant skin naturally. 

The culmination of our founder’s passion, education and decades of experience in medicine and skincare, our carefully crafted formulas are the summation of the best natural skincare ingredients and the evolution of science-based innovation for life-changing skincare results. 

Mission Statement: 

pH BALANCE SKINCARE was conscientiously created to deliver healthy skin with the best of mother nature and science for life-changing results. We are committed to providing skin care products that are always free of harmful chemicals and irritants, and formulated with a pH that complements the skin, delivering soothing, hydration, and repair for skin that is in perfect pH balance.  

Our Story 

pH Balance Skincare began 30+ years ago when our CEO and founder, Aniko Peterson embarked on her rewarding Medical, Wellness, and Skincare career paths.   

When Peterson combined her personal health and quality of life challenges, with her knowledge of medicine, chemistry, and skin function, it became clear to her that there was an unfulfilled need in the marketplace for natural, healthy products. 

Observing that most commercial skincare products contain harmful ingredients, she dedicated herself to formulating products that work in harmony with our skin function, and the pH BALANCE SKINCARE brand was born. 

Our FREE of Commitment 

Paraben-Free | Sulfate-Free | Gluten-Free | Alcohol-Free | Fragrance-Free | Cruelty-Free | Non-Comedogenic | Hypoallergenic | Mineral Oil-Free | Artificial Dye-Free 



                                                                            Why Choose pH Balance Skincare?

Our Formulation Point of Difference 

  • Unites the purity and efficacy of natural skincare ingredients with the latest evidence-based actives 
  • Powerful nourishing, healing, and reparative oils, botanical plant, and fruit extracts   
  • Highly concentrated formulations without fillers yield optimal results & client satisfaction 
  • Meticulous standards of quality and purity 
  • pH balanced to respect the structure of the skin 
  • Expertly crafted to restore and reactivate youthful-looking skin 
  • Backed by extensive research and clinical testing 
  • Proven suitable for acne, aging, sensitivity, dryness, reactive skin, and more! 
  • Free of harmful and controversial ingredients our products meet the demands of today’s informed consumer