Poetitlan translates to Land of the Poets. To Creative Director Christine Puentes, Mexico is a land filled with beauty, magic, history, muses and poets. We are a sustainable luxury brand handmade by Indegenous Artisans.

It is our privilege to work with highly skilled Artisans that are masters of their craft to not only celebrate their traditions, but also evolve Mexican design. We collaborate with Artisans in the states of Puebla, Hidalgo, Chiapas, Oaxaca, Chihuahua, and Guerrero. Our production is made under fair trade regulations, and it is our mission to respect and protect the work of these Artisans.

We only work with materials that are both luxurious and eco-conscious. This includes peace silk, linen, organic bamboo, recycled fabrics, sterling silver, vintage and deadstock materials. Great design goes beyond something being beautiful, it has to be conscious of how it is made, who will wear these garments, and how they will age. Here at Poetitlan, we believe in celebrating the act of dressing by building a wardrobe that fits your needs. A wardrobe that excites you, transforms with you, and celebrates our natural resources and cultures.

We invite you on a journey through the Land of the Poets.

Poetitlan Sabrina Bodysuit in Black
Poetitlan Maya Tenango Blouse in Slate & Gunmetal
Poetitlan Robby Kimono in Black & White
Poetitlan White Lilith Dress in White & Black
Poetitlan Penelope Dress in Fuchsia & Slate
Poetitlan Flora Tenango Shorts in Slate & Gunmetal
Poetitlan Flora OG Pants in White Metallic
Poetitlan Flora Plata Blouse in Teal White & Silver
Poetitlan Flora OG Blouse in White Metallic
Poetitlan Conejo Coat in Gray Metallic
Poetitlan Erica Shorts in Teal & white