Pure Gold Gingerthee



Pure Gold Ginger Tea offers a luxurious tea experience in which
the age-old ginger root is fully in its power; it heals and warms.
We bring our love for life and our knowledge together in
craft products that allow our customers to effortlessly create a moment for themselves at any time.
You'll find the artistic character of our tea culture in it's essence;
innovation and creation of pure gold for the body, mind and soul.

How we do it:
At Pure Gold Ginger Tea respect for every form of life stands high our priority list.
We always choose pure and organic ingredients and a preparation method full of
love for nature and raw materials. We see tea as the connecting factor between
various lifestyles, ages and backgrounds.
In our tea culture we come together as one and make luxury permanently affordable.
Our unique products are forming the bridge between different subcultures that always
find each other in self-love; from within.