Pure Gold Gingerthee



The love for ginger is great and shared by many. What makes Pure Gold ginger so popular is that ginger lovers will find everything in this form of ginger as well as in fresh ginger. What makes ginger popular with the not-so-ginger lovers is that they have the health benefits in a jar that has a minimum shelf life of 1.5 years!

By supplying the tea complete with accompanying accessories, we bring you one step closer to that feeling of luxury, complete relaxation and pampering. In the web shop you will find various accessories with which you can make your delicious cup of tea. We also offer seasonal gift sets to try or to give as a gift. Everyone enjoys in their own way. To bring you one step closer, we have put together the ideal range.

Choose from the various accessories that suit your way of relaxing. If you are a new ginger friend, we have put together various gift sets for you. To try or to give as a gift! As individuals who run a business, we strive for a healthy lifestyle for ourselves and we like to see that the people around us are offered the necessary to make this pursuit that little bit easier, hipper and more fun.

We do this by offering products that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Products that cleanse and strengthen us from the inside, so that we find the necessary energy to continue. We offer you the best type of ginger in combination with the best types of organic and unscented (loose) teas. We help you find the right support for a healthy lifestyle and help you invest in creating beautiful moments for yourself.

We like to see that everyone knows how to get the best out of themselves, by taking in the best.We think it is important that people take good care of themselves and we like to learn in which ways they prefer to do this. We keep our range up to date with various products so that you always find what makes you happy, because happiness starts in yourself and you increase that happiness by taking good care of yourself and each other.