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F/w 20/21

The Infinitive Bridge collection is inspired by the Andromeda Theater in Sicily, a work of art to take your breath away.  A magical place suspended between earth and sky.  The shades of the sky, always in motion, with the tick of the clock that passes, the circuit of something that begins but never ends.  I wanted to point out that there is no starting point, but that we decide the "when".  I created a collection with the colors of the shades of the galaxy and the prints that recall the movement of the sky.  Weaves that envelop you like an evolving butterfly, rigid fabrics, shoulder pads and shaped jackets, to make the Quantum woman a strong and daring woman.

Brand quantum bio 

The style proposed by the Quantum brand is refined and at the same time everyday.  It can be defined as a “casual chic” style, which leaves total freedom of choice to those who wish to dress according to their tastes.  A mix of elegant paradoxes, which reveal great technical expertise and intuition in the choice of raw materials.  At the base of our collections there are also the protest, the denunciation to the excesses of the fashion system and to the "image society".  The taste for provocation has led us over the years to design and revisit our garments, with an ironic and paradoxical style.  "The clothes I prefer are the ones I invented for a life that does not yet exist, for the world of tomorrow" - Federica Musmeci.

quantum dress Mini Dress
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quantum dress Mini Dress
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quantum dress Long Dress