Real Honey Face Mask



Like all good things, it all started with searching.

The search for meaning melted with desire for care. Skin care.

The fruit is before you.

It is sweet - ½ of this mask is real, organic honey. Honey is nature’s perfect ingredient and we’re in love with it. It is humectant, an antioxidant and nourishes skin: contains polyphenols, enzymes, organic and amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Real Honey Face Mask provides honey to your skin in its natural shape: not only it is certified organic, but is not heated above 1000F (380C), so that the superb quality of this 20 ml single-dose galore remains intact.

This mask is strong: the powerful yet simple combo of only 9 components will take care for your skin. Real Honey Face Mask is hydrating, soothing and will balance the microbiome of your skin.

It is safe: your safety is a top-priority for us. More than 80% organic content, high-class materials and certified laboratory at hand - these are only few essential parts in providing our quality product for you.

With Bulgaria being the top world producer of rose and lavender essential oils, we are not indifferent to these amazing products obviously. The rose water in Real Honey Face Mask is organic and over 30%.

We added the exquisite organic lavender absolute for that little extra that makes the mask experience for all your senses.

Real Honey Face Mask is sustainable. When it comes to packaging, we have done the single-dose in our own way. Mixed-material packaging is not recyclable, end up in landfills and clearly not an option for us. So we decided to go all-in. The jar is made from sustainable bio-based polymer, derived from renewable source (sugar cane). It is food-grade and 100% recyclable. We are using only self-adhesive paper labels so that once removed, the jar is ready for recycling. The box does not have any polymer finish on and is made of 100% paper. We use only paper filling to secure the jar in the box which doubles as a transport box as well.

We want to be sincere: we have nothing to hide. You can see on our box what you will get. All the ingredients are explained in plain manner for all who want to know. Even more: you can check any ingredient in a professional chemical database, through a link on our website.

And all this started with a simple search – how to help your skin.

Try Real Honey Face Mask.

For every skin type/tone/sex/soul.

How to use it: Avoiding the eyes area, with your fingertips or a clean brush, apply the face mask onto the skin. After 10-15 minutes, wash away with lukewarm water thoroughly.

We dream it perfect. We do it complete.