Real Honey Face Mask



Boldly designed with 50% certified organic honey, this mask is all your skin desires. Honey is the perfect ingredient made by nature. It has all the incredible enzymes, amino and organic acids, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals.

Have we mentioned the hygroscopicity? And the enormous ability to scavenge free radicals?

Elegant combination of honey, an ingredient, that has been used for centuries as food and as a remedy, and modern ingredients such as Revivyl™ - protects the microbiome, hydrates and promotes the regeneration of skin.

Based on 9 carefully chosen high-quality components, this face mask is simple and yet has all your skin craves for: nourishment, hydration, anti-oxidants and comes to you at a fair price.

This is the right way for us to do packaging: state-of-the-art jar, produced from sustainable, 100% recyclable, bio-based material, derived from sugar cane. Made in Germany, we believe this jar is the single-dose solution of the future.
Paper labels only.

Paper box only with water-based finish and no polymers on, making it fully recyclable, but still completely beautiful.

And of course filling of paper to ensure your mask arrives intact to your doorstep but still using only environmentally friendly option.

Bulgaria is the biggest Rosa Damascena oil and Lavender oil producer in the world* and we could not miss the opportunity to present to your skin the pleasure of rose water (over 30% of it) and the exquisite scent of our very special lavender absolute. Both of them certified organic, are produced by one of the biggest manufacturers in Bulgaria, with customers from all over the world – Galen. Their own crop fields are situated in the valleys of Thrace and Valley of the Rose – both of them equally stunning. Galen;test their production twice to assure all of us, their customers, are receiving only high-quality products.

We do not compromise with your safety and we chose euxyl® ECO 910* for preservation.

Approved for natural cosmetics, this broad spectrum efficacy blend is produced by Schülke & Mayr GmbH, a company with over 130 years of history in protecting people and materials against contamination.