Revive London



Revive is a London-based sustainable lifestyle fashion brand, which strives to implement a new ethical approach to the way we consume fashion, by offering a circular supply chain and using what is already available to us. 

Revive offers ethical solutions through the sale of curated and bespoke Revived vintage clothing. The founder, Teresa Carmona, brings the clothes back to life through various creative techniques such as embroidery, paint, or other adjustments. She also partners and collaborates with other artists on the collections, as well as offering a Revival service for customers to have their pieces upcycled in beautiful and creative ways.

Revive - Revived Vintage Sailor Jacket
Revive - Revived Vintage Workwear Jacket
Revive - Revived Floral Trench Coat
Revive - Revived Classic Trench Coat
Revive - Beach Print Shirt
Revive - 80's Floral Tiered Dress
Revive - 60's Revived Red Stripe Tea Dress
Revive - 60's Revived Dandelion Embroidery Dress
Revive - 1900's Revived Linen dress
Revive - 70's Pink Prairie Dress