In 2017 RORA was launched in New York City. The name RORA means sunrise. A fresh start, a warm light, full of optimism and peace. The founder and creative director Ashley Gill, wants the women that wear her clothing to embrace this feeling. To make customers feel as though the clothing speaks to them personally.

Her exposure to different cultures around the world had changed the way she looked at the fashion industry as a whole. The clothing from her collections are a true reflection of what she has seen and experienced in her life. Through hidden details and one of a kind prints, every piece of the collection has a story. She hopes that by sharing her stories and being open with her customer, they will be inspired to be more fearless in their own lives and style.   


RORA Pettie Dress
RORA Vintage Patch Jumpsuit
RORA Croche Jacket
RORA Tap Jacket
RORA Moroccan Maxi Dress