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Like many young designers, Rosemarie Abela fell in love with fashion and design at a very young age while watching her mother sew; so great was her passion that one of her earliest memories is of her making clothes for her own Barbie dolls. Thanks to her great love for the arts, her design journey started with her studying fine arts and spending her free time drawing but she decided to take up fashion design seriously at around the age of 14, choosing textiles as one of her main study areas. After leaving secondary school at the age of 16, Rosemarie enrolled at MCAST and after spending two years there, she decided to leave Malta for Florence and learn all about the fashion world by immersing herself in it. Once in Florence, Ms Abela decided to apply to study at the prestigious Polimoda and after she was accepted, she decided to spend the following four years honing her craft. Her talents were recognised almost immediately and in her second year she fell in love with knitwear and was awarded a two week scholarship where she participated and represented Polimoda in the renowned Pitti Filati. It was here that she created her first collection which was not only shown at Pitti Filati but was sponsored by one of Italy’s leading knitwear manufacturers. Ending her academic experience as she had started, she graduated from Polimoda in 2014 with a well-received menswear collection. In June of the same year of her graduation, Abela moved back to Malta for good and opened a small studio while working within the Bortex Group as one of their junior in-house designers. In 2014, she also participated in Malta Fashion Week where she won the award for best upcoming designer. It was after a two year absence that she decided to participate again in May 2017 with her ‘La Cupola’ collection which saw her combining a variety of different colours and textures to dramatic effect. Using the Mosta dome as her inspiration, Rosemarie focused on the geometric majesty of the dome’s interior and its grandiose presence. Highly acclaimed, she went on to represent Malta at Serbia Fashion Week with ‘La Cupola’ in October 2017. Rosemarie has been interviewed for a variety of local and foreign magazines and will be showing her new collection during Malta Fashion Week 2018. When she is not breathing life into her beautiful designs, Rosemarie enjoys travelling and music. She has a degree in the latter and took violin lessons till the age of 18.