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“Fashion Is A Language Telling A Different Story Each Time.”
My work is about sharing, sharing smiles, happiness, glamour. 
Each collection is inspired by my travels, the people I meet.  I love history, I translate the beauty of what I perceive from my experiences in my designs.  I combine
the royal heritage of my country Pakistan and our exotic art of hand embroidery, variations of stitches, variety of fabrics with contemporary modern cuts and draping. 
My couture designs differentiate me from many.  My dresses have heavy embellishments of pearls, Swarovskis, sequences and our signature charms all hand embroidered into the fabric.  This exquisite detailing takes weeks to prepare one master piece.  When I design I don’t comprise, everything has to be the best of the best.  I use only pure fabrics like Raw Silk and pure Chiffon, best embellishments, finest draping and stitching. 
Make Statement in a #sabaasad