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Bettina “Betty” Johnson had gotten a tattoo on her arm, but after she used the artist’s balm for the healing process she started to feel a discomfort. So Betty immediately washed it off and started looking for some natural & organic ingredients, to make her own ointment.

Later, Betty’s friend Sandra Blua (business partner) got a tattoo of her own and asked what Betty had used on hers. Betty gave her some of the ointment, and it worked so well that Sandra past it on to numerous other friends. The ointment was a universal hit, and SanBe Beauty—a combination of Sandra and Betty’s names—was born. 

“It all started making sense,” Betty explained. “I started realizing skincare is just as important as the food you put in your body.”

The idea for a line of chemical-free skincare products, made with raw and organic ingredients, had been brewing for some time. Betty had always had stomach issues but said she hadn’t paid attention to the problem until after her two young children were born.

“I had skin issues, and was also suffering from hormonal imbalance, which eventually lead me to a clean lifestyle.”

Changing her skincare was the next step in ridding her body and life of toxins. 

“It’s not just skincare that can cause issues. It’s environmental; our biggest organ “the skin” is exposed to so many chemicals throughout the day, which makes it very important to eliminate those known toxins as soon as possible.”

After the success of the ointment, Betty and Sandra began making other products—mainly things they wanted to use for themselves or their children. Making them together was “like therapy,” Sandra said. 

The line continued to grow, and in 2020 SanBe Beauty was featured in the luxurious magazine VOGUE, their products are also available at the Kadena Gift Corner in Okinawa, at She Swank Too in Jacksonville, NC, and online at Their collection includes soaps, lotions, facial serum, clay masks, essential oil perfume, bath salts, bug repellant, deodorant, tea, and even bubble bath. 

Many of the products are available in small, inexpensive sample sizes, so customers can try them before committing to the full extent. Betty’s newest favorite is their shampoo, which allows customers to shampoo less frequently, saving water and reducing package waste.  

And of course, they still carry their first product, the all-purpose ointment, which is gentle enough to use for scores of issues, from diaper rash to sunburns. 

They learned that the FDA doesn’t test cosmetics, so reading the labels is critical, she said. But even reading labels cannot tell you everything: The word “fragrance” for instance, was invented in the 1960s as a way for companies to protect proprietary product information. Which means one word can include any number of chemicals or allergens, and the company doesn’t have to disclose any of them.

“It’s a loophole,” Betty explained.

SanBe Beauty uses Organic USDA certified essential oils to scent products because Sandra and Betty wanted them “to have that therapeutic effect,” she said.

The company’s raison d’etre is to “take the worries away” for really anyone who wants to cut toxins out of their beauty routine. 

To ease your mind and promote healthy skin,” Betty said.

SanBe began in earnest in March 2018, with about five products, and have added new products nearly every other month. Since the friends went into business together, Sandra has moved away, but she is still as involved in the company as she can be.

Two of the most recent products developed at the request of clients are the aluminum-free and baking soda-free deodorant and the moisturizing facial serum. 

“I was hoping to reach people on a deeper level. By shining the light on awareness and talking about what I went through, I like you to know that skincare, food, and environmental factors play a big part in our health,” Betty said. 

You and your skin deserve the very best, treat your skin with all-natural, high-quality products and you are guaranteed to see the difference. 


All our products are handmade in small batches to ensure you receive the quality and personalized care you deserve. 

We do not sacrifice quality for quantity meaning- we do not use any fillers or additives to increase the volume of a product. What you get is 100% pure and each ingredient is used for the benefit of you and your skin. 

We care about the environment. Our products are packaged using bio-degradable materials and/or reusable containers to reduce environmental waste.