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Sa’oti was founded by Kristina Bader in September of 2018. She designs and creates each piece herself. Every item is handcrafted from sterling silver and rhodium plated to ensure longevity. She makes sure to use only high quality materials and superior craftsmanship to create her unique jewelry pieces.

The Brand

Sa'oti is a luxury jewelry brand based in Los Angeles, CA. Sa'oti is derived from the Arabic word meaning "my voice", inspired by the strong voices of the people who wear our jewelry. Our voices are uniquely us and that is what Sa'oti aspires to be. A unique brand that offers one of a kind pieces that inspire the people who wear them to be BOLD

The Nar Collection

While studying in London, Kristina was tasked with a challenge: The Unlovely Challenge. The challenge was to take something often thought of as unlovely and create something beautiful from it. War immediately came to Kristina’s mind. War literally and figuratively melts away all that you have known in this life. She took this idea of the fires of war melting away our homes, our memories, our possessions, and our lives to create the Nar Collection. The Nar Collection is her way of reminding the world that there is always something beautiful that remains: hope.