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Sarnēlondon is a little world where ideas, passion and courage take place... Every piece of the collection has a story full of feelings and behind each piece there are hours of loving research and hard work while babies are sleeping... it is a dream for dreamers!
After the success of the 'Past' collection the caterpillar is evolving towards a butterfly...
 We proudly introduce our new collection, an intense range of handbags and accessories dedicated to those who love art and unicity.
 All our handbags are "Made in Italy" and uniquely handcrafted here in London.
 The collection takes inspiration from the life and nature elements, from which pictures become embroidering decor for handbags and accessories creating unique pieces.
 All pieces in the collection come in limited quantity and the handcrafting element ensures that each one being different from one another.

 The décor elements are sourced from all over the world: the UK, Italy, France, the Far East and the Americas… to create a unique and international product.