Persian influenced brand Sarvin is an ethical and conscious luxury
womenswear label born in Huddersfield and based in Manchester. We
specialise in creating distinctive and high-quality garments handpicked from
the finest fabrics and materials.
We imbue each design with our signature flair for fashion and eye for detail
– the result is an irresistible collection of contemporary wardrobe staples
and show-stopping timeless pieces.
We design and produce the majority of our garments in the UK to lower the
carbon emissions by reducing the shipping distances, supporting local
artisans to be able to monitor our manufacturing process closely.
We strongly believe modern luxury should be socially and environmentally
responsible; therefore we take into consideration where our materials come
from and who is making them, to ensure our customers are receiving highly
ethically sustainable garments that will last them a lifetime.

Sarvin Ania Dress
Sarvin Rosie Dress
Sarvin Marylin Black Dress
Sarvin Marylin Mocha Dress
Sarvin Karolina Dress