The evolution of SelfconfidenceXIV

I was 13 years old and started designing my own clothes. I started my three-year ongoing apprenticeship with 17. Through these years I just kept designing my collections writing down concepts for fashion shows, fashion shootings, the culture of my label and some business ideas out of the fashion world. Through these years I learned how to become stronger and to KEEP CHASING MY DREAM NO MATTER WHAT. Also, I realized a lot of projects through these years, even though I always thought the apprenticeship would be holding me back from achieving my dream. My Clothes are and have always been on a 100%. SelfconfidenceXIV stands for exclusive quality and limited availability. I always wanted to be the only one wearing certain clothes. I didn’t care about the brand’s name. Furthermore, I  just cared bout the look and uniqueness of the product. That’s it. If I liked something, I wanted to own it. So I always put money on the side if I wanted to get something that was more expensive that I could actually afford with my monthly salary. And it was always worth it because I had something to wear that not everybody else is going to wear on the streets. So I always knew that I'm going to create a designer brand that will be outstanding and exclusive but available to everyone. That’s why the name of my brand is SelfconfidenceXIV. If you are confident in yourself and sure about where you are going and what you want to own. NOBODY IS GOING TO BE ABLE TO STOP YOU BUT YOURSELF.

I had the opportunity to produce my collections in foreign country’s. But I decided to stand for Swiss quality and to bring a Swiss product to the market.

I am very thankful for every person that supports me because of liking the products they get to see.