Slate Jewelry



Christine Rio is Canadian jewelry designer based on the West Coast in Vancouver, BC. Launching Slate Jewelry in 2016, she strikes a balance between refined and bold. Introvert and extrovert. Beauty and imperfection.  Christine handcrafts metalwork pieces of wearable art that strike a balance between classic minimalism and luxurious details. Outside of the usual jewelry categories of “fine” or “fashion,” Christine’s contemporary work stands on its own, giving voice to her organic “modern relic” design style. Influenced by movement and texture, history and surrealism, her work blends modern lines with a sense of found objects.

She works primarily in sterling or fine silver (.925/.999), 14K gold fill, recycling her scraps into fresh metal for new creations. She sources gemstones and freshwater pearls from select trusted dealers, preferring raw stones and dramatic baroque pearls. Each piece is an individual, made by hand, using simple tools and time-honored techniques.

Christine is gaining international recognition for her art jewelry pieces which have been shown at Artistar Jewels, Romanian Jewelry Week and Milan Jewelry Week.


Spect Slate Jewelry (Gold)
Spect Slate Jewelry (Silver)
Sway Slate Jewelry
Stix Slate Jewelry
Wishbone Slate Jewelry
Luxury Slate Jewelry
Littles Slate Jewelry
Romance Slate Jewelry
Slate Jewelry Tangle (Gold)
Pore Slate Jewelry (Gold)
Pore Slate Jewelry (Silver)
Clean Slate Jewelry
Slate Jewelry Tangle (Silver)
Halo Slate Jewelry
Prosperity Slate Jewelry