Magnolia Silk Collection



Magnolia silk collection was born out of a passion for feminine, gentle, good quality accessories that we, women, use in daily life.  100% Estonian-owned, our beautiful products are designed here in Europe meeting the beauty & quality demands from women all around the world.

Silk is soft, natural, and non-irritating, and the Magnolia silk collection offers only 100% pure Mulberry silk accessories and sleepwear ensuring that only the highest quality items reach our clients. Every product is being sold in the Magnolia silk collection signature box which is the first indicator of high-quality product inside.Magnolia silk collection is a perfect gift to Yourself or Your loved ones! You deserve that, beauty!

Magnolia Silk Collection FRENCH BEIGE Scrunchie
Magnolia Silk Collection Pillowcase BLACK
Magnolia Silk Collection Night Dress CREAM
Magnolia Silk Collection DUSTY PINK EYE MASK
Magnolia Silk Collection SILK ROBE IN RED