SMYSSLY is a Prague based high-end natural cosmetic brand founded by Cecilia and Silvia. They are united by the strongest family bond and a relationship as nice as only a mother and daughter can have. They brought SMYSSLY into their life in 2017. It's not just a brand. It is their experience, needs, expectations and quality that they demand from cosmetics. Rather than age, they focus on the quality and needs of the skin.


We choose only top quality natural ingredients with great emphasis on their effects on skin. We carefully observe how they interact together. Rather than age, the focus is on the quality and needs of the skin which tends to change with time.


Love and respect towards nature is a part of our DNA. We reduce plastics as much as possible, so our cosmetics are sold in eco-stylish packaging. We use natural materials such as bamboo wood, waste wood, glass, fabric, paper and residual leather.  


We support the natural beauty of women. Youth is not eternal and getting older is a part of life. Going against nature becomes a never-ending struggle that cannot be won. We want women to know themselves and find a balance between their inner selves and outer appearance. After all, it is not cosmetics that make us more beautiful, but the energy radiating from within us.


Smyssly Complex Eye Cream
Smyssly Intense Hyaluronic Acid Serum 4%
Smyssly Anti Age Care
Smyssly Nourishing Pearl Cream
Smyssly Hydra Silky Cream
Smyssly Revitalising Micellar Water
Smyssly Intense Hyaluronic Acid Serum 1%
Smyssly Brightening Serum With Gold