Splash Co Kids



Splash Co Kids started as a project for my children. As a child, I grew up having eczema and sensitive skin which caused discoloration on my face. Although my skin cleared up over time, an area on the left side of my face remained lighter than the rest.This led to being the subject of a number of cruel jokes in my early years. To make matters worse, I couldn't use any of the products that most young girls were able to, making me feel even more excluded or "different". I didn't want the same reality for my children. Having skin issues at such young ages can seem and feel very isolating at times. By creating Splash Co Kids , it is my goal to create a sense of normalcy and inclusion for as many children as I can, even during moments as simple as bath time. I want to inspire the idea through my brand that "different" does not mean forgotten or left out. By recreating playful scents using natural and skin friendly ingredients and exposing families to our product line, I hope to show that equality is very possible in all aspects of our lives...It just takes a little imagination.