SSY is proud to announce that we are officially making all of our products in house! Our team includes incredibly talented women who hand craft all of our totes, clutches, Shoe Jewelz, and more. It is important to SSY that all of our materials are ethically sourced and produced, and what’s better than being able to create in house! By hand picking all of our materials right here in New York we are able to ensure that we only produce the highest quality products for our customers. Each pair of Shoe Jewelz, clutch, and bag is made with love in NYC. Happy Shopping!

CEO and founder Kelli Shaughnessy channels her experience in dance, painting, photography, and corporate business to create innovative fashion-forward products that uplift the ordinary. 
Kelli is also an avid supporter of many charities such as: Save the Children, Tribe of Us,  Hour Children, Children’s Rights, and Dream Extreme. She will soon launch the "Love Me, Love U" collection using her entrepreneurial expertise in order to create a direct philanthropic e-commerce channel.
As a natural athlete Kelli enjoys everything from sweating with Tracy Anderson, kiteboarding, skiing moguls, to practicing yoga, and is a practitioner of mindfulness through meditation.
SSY — created with love and abandon.