Star Beauty




About Star Lashes

I’m Devin Martinho, many know me as “Ms Lonestar State”. I developed MLS Products in 2015 and more specifically STAR LASHES to satisfy the demands of all the beauties trying to achieve a look to separate themselves from the “basics”! A true STAR quality appearance!

STAR LASHES is a 100% Pure Mink Fur lash line that was created by me. Every detail of each lash was created to help each customer achieve a look like no other. While creating these lashes I paid close attention to the everyday customer on the go all the way to my super fierce divas. There is a lash for everyone. From simple and sweet to bold and dramatic!

I’ve heard “don’t sweat the small stuff” many times. But me, I sweat the small stuff! Every detail was double, and triple checked to ensure each customer is thrilled with the final product!

I am on the road to establishing a brand through hard work, sacrifice and dedication. I am very hands on with every aspect of my business and brand.

Within the next calendar year, I have set my sights on expanding my brand and inspiring other young entrepreneurs to follow their dreams.

I hope you truly enjoy the STAR experience.