SunRise Lake




Handmade natural cosmetics 

SunRise Lake is a Germany based high end and handmade natural skin care label founded in November 2016 inspired by the desire to create a response to the never ending search for the most adapted products to one skin.

Have you ever observed the sunrise early in the morning at a lake? That beauty, the nature, the color reflection and that feeling, all these facets are all your beauty gives you back when you choose the right products for your skin. At SunRise Lake, it is not about many or fancy ingredients but the right ones.

SunRise Lake products are all handmade with the highest quality ingredients. SunRise Lake manufactures its products based on traditional recipes of ages and many generations topped with modern knowledge and know-how to give the best results no matter what skin types or issues. The products are designed in a way that englobes the power of natural ingredients and the plants. The products are manufactured in the heart of Germany in the region called black forest. 

Every product from the soaps, to serums and creams, is a beautiful piece packaged modernly in consideration to the environment.

In addition SunRise Lake gets its row ingredients from some small farmers in Africa, South America and Asia to support those families in need; which makes a long chain of support and good deeds for a better world.