Susana Lang




Susana Lang started in 2008 as a "passion”project and concept when Susana (founder) had the opportunity to spend time in Antwerp- Europe’s hub for Diamond trade. During the time spent there, she developed a keen interest in diamonds and stones. Susana Lang came about slowly and gradually throughout the years, with clients who were looking for unique, custom, handmade pieces . Susana studied Art History, because of her profound appreciation of aesthetics and design, time in Antwerp was pretty much a huge learning curve that shaped her future career. She spent a lot of time with experts who gave her a crash-course from a professional and traders perspective, building a network within the bourse. In 2010 Susana decided to take the GIA gemmology course, in New York, which by now would have solidified her passion to create a brand and position her as en expert within the field. Both in New York and London, Susana works with high end workshops to create her designs. The brand has blossomed with its semi-bespoke and fully bespoke service as well as with its casual/everyday/contemporary pieces worn with effortless elegance and its truly unique one off pieces.