Tayana Rocaille




Fabrics, threads, scissors appeared in my hands when I was about 5 years old and the dream of becoming a designer forever penetrated my heart. I grew up surrounded by all this beauty and creativity. And all this passed down to me from my ancestors, who created clothes and shoes. I know my history since 1888, when my great-grandmother Akulina and great-grandfather Symon, raised 7 children, and taught them everything they knew themselves. They were spinning yarn, weaving, were made of fur, around his boots, and even they grew tobacco. They passed on to their children an incredible capacity for work,a thirst for life, a string spirit and a love of beauty.

     I spent my summer in the country with my uncle, walking in the meadows, admiring the flowers,the sky and the river. Greedily absorbing the beauty of nature, its colors and shapes. And when I returned home, I read, sewed for dolls, and spent hours admiring reproductions of paintings by Titian, Raphael and Michelangelo. When I was about 8 years old my aunt gave me an unusual Diana doll, with a model figure and mocha-colored skin. It became my favorite model. Already at the age of 13, I created my first sweater. It was milky in color, with embroidered flowers and pearls. At the age of 14, finished the knitting course on a knitting machine. Since my mother and aunt did it professionally. Since childhood, she dressed me and my sister as little princesses in expensive and unusual clothes, and I also wanted to learn all this.My friends liked what I did and they became my first customers.

     I love art, creativity in all its manifestations, be it music, literature, painting. I love to learn, to learn something new and I am always on a creative quest. For almost 20 years, I had a beauty salon, and in parallel I created not only clothes, but also was a stylist. I did not want to stop there and constantly improved my skills. I have completed many courses in Moscow. As well as several courses in Italy Milan, Florence,Prato

     In 2016 I showed my first collection in my favorite St. Petersburg. I have a special relationship with this delightful city. In 2017 I graduated from the Academy of Television and received a new speciality - image maker. But after passing this way, I realized that without creating clothes, without silk, cashmere threads, unusual fabrics I can not live. This is not just business for me - this is my life!!! My style is wearable luxury. I dream of making people beautiful and happy through beauty and natural fabrics.

     I want to finish with the words that I once said at a literary evening at school, I think they reflect what I want to bring to this world. “Everything in a person should be beautiful, and the face, and the clothes, and the soul and thoughts…”

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