Tekne is a fine porcelain jewelry brand. Jana Kuvalja, an artist, designs and paints every piece by hand herself in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We make fine porcelain jewelry that is inspired by nature and landscapes. Tekne combines minimal design with pure artistic expression to make pieces of jewelry that become wearable paintings. Bold prime colors and gold are used on white porcelain to make jewelry that has a delicate and unique interpretation of jewelry design.

As our designer is a painter it is very important to us that each piece has its own story. Our abstract shapes derive from nature as well as geometry. As we want to retain a handcrafted feel of the pieces we allow for small bends and inconsistencies to be seen, as they contribute to a rich feel of the materials we use. The materials we use are ecological and organic and our goal is to  become solar powered until 2022.

Tekne Yellow Orbit Bracelet
Tekne Yellow Plateau Earrings
Tekne Yellow Meteorite Earrings
Tekne Solar Storm Earrings
Tekne Red Orbit I Bracelet
Tekne Blue Shard Earrings
Tekne Blue Orbit II Bracelet
Tekne Yellow Shards Necklace
Tekne Yellow Crater Earrings
Tekne Red Orbit II Bracelet
Tekne Meteorite Earrings
Tekne Blue Plateau Earrings
Tekne Blue Orbit I Bracelet
Tekne Blue Crater Earrings