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About Ten Air Studios


Artist: Leslie Clearwater

Leslie is member of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen and Chester County Art Association, working mainly in jewelry fabrication but branching out to other media as they spark her mind. In 2017 she opened a gallery space in Phoenixville, PA where she showed her work and taught classes to the community. Though the spring 2020 pandemic sadly shuttered her first gallery, her pieces can still be found in select shops, street events, galleries and artisan craft shows across Pennsylvania.

From custom wedding rings to jewelry that incorporates a client's special mementos of shell or stone, Ten Air Studios has earned a reputation for creating careful, magical work that reflects each person's authentic self.

As part of its mission to put love and beauty into the world, Ten Air Studios is known to frequently host impromptu "treasure hunts," hiding artisan handcrafts of value around the greater Philadelphia area.