Tiff Manuell creates hand-crafted pieces of art for you to wear, designed to bring colour and happiness into the lives they land in. Tiff grew her namesake project from a dream to design and develop hand made products incorporating all of her passions - painting, making, sewing and more than anything, working freely with colour with no boundaries. Tiff brings her signature artwork to canvas, with each canvas to be constructed into a limited number of beautiful quality clutches and accessories by her small team in Adelaide, South Australia. Tiff works intuitively, often without any plans other than to go where her instincts for colour take her on any given day. The process used to create Tiff clutches ensures every piece produced is completely individual. Each paint splatter or stroke falls a different way on the canvas, creating a new effect every time. Tiff gains inspiration anywhere from contemporary art to people in her life to the colour she finds in her surroundings, and hopes to pass this love of colour on to you through her designs.