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Gender-fluid, Versatile and Fluid.   Made by Hand in New York City.
Undefined breaks boundaries within jewelry, conceptions of beauty and gender.

Undefined Jewelry disrupts previous definitions and stereotypes of beauty, establishing a new standard that is truly undefined. We challenge dogmatic ideas by promoting fluidity and versatility for our designs and audience.

We have been investing in high quality materials and craftsmanship, as this is fundamental to the core value of our brand. Undefined is a platform between artists and customers and thus, we view our pieces more as Art, rather than profit driven products. All choice materials and precious metals are sourced and made by hand locally in New York City.

Collaborating with various artists, Undefined becomes not only a jewelry company, but a platform fostering innovative designs beyond accessories, unhindered by individual ego. These collaborations leverage multiple brands direct-to-consumer, supporting artists while improving product quality and price for customers.