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Sydney artist and fashion designer, Valentina Avramides has created a unique collection of luxury silk scarves, designed and produced in Australia.

Valentina’s original paintings employ mixed media, including Japanese ink brush, watercolour, pen and collage on parchment. The artworks are lovingly transposed onto silk. The silk then is digitally printed and the scarves masterfully hand finished.

Valentina’s artworks and collections are inspired by life and its great gifts: dance, rap, poetry, contemporary art, fashion and glamour.

The irreverent mastery and wit of street art, the oeuvre and incredible vision of Martin Sharp, Alun Leach-Jones, Banksi and Jean-Michel Basquiat truly inspired the new New York Graffiti collection.

The vibrancy, economy of line and clarity of the great 20th century masters, Matisse, Dali, Chagall, Picasso and Giacometti, resulting in the Spirit Dance and Danse De La Vie collections.

Sustainability is of vital importance to the Valentina Avramides brand and is carefully woven into the process, production and packaging. The water-based inks used are non-toxic and recycled, with no harsh chemicals or dyes used.

Valentina Avramides silk scarves are designed to complement any outfit, any time of the year. There is nothing like a scarf to assign class, originality and grace to any ensemble, plus a little edge!

Each scarf is bijou and its jewel colours will heighten your senses. You will know which one to choose, because it will choose you…


Made with love,