Verdelimon Swimwear



Swimwear with soul

Flirty, fun, and adventure-friendly, Verde Limon offers sophisticated swimwear for contemporary women. Designed in Colombia using sustainable sourcing and ethical production, Verde Limon’s tribute to women is reflected in the aura of the brand’s designs. Employing female craftsman empowers our community, as we collectively encourage our customers to embrace their feminine strength.

Inspiration for our seasonal collections is drawn from flora, fauna, animals, and landscapes of the world, resulting in perfectly whimsical and cheeky swimwear. Varying cuts and styles are equally charismatic with colorful

patterns and design motifs, from string bikinis and triangle tops to retro high-waist bottoms and polished one pieces, Verde Limon swimwear is intended to embrace femininity and inspire romantic dreams for your next getaway.

Verdelimon Swimwear Tottori Bottom
Verdelimon Swimwear Sol Top
Verdelimon Swimwear Tulum
Verdelimon Swimwear Bauta Bottom
Verdelimon Swimwear Missouri Top