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VireChic was founded by Sara Passaglia,  an italian stylist that settled down in Rio de Janeiro and started working with local artisans that use tradition weaving techniques and started creating pieces that mix the traditional old crafts with contemporary pattern giving life to unique handmade dresses, shirts, shawls and coats

vireChic is a brand dedicated to spread social Consciousness preserving culture and crafts ,every piece is totally handmade , creating job opportunities among artisans, especially empowering women artisans in Brazil


Embroidery Filé technique

This technique consists of an embroidery over a net of cotton yarns, in fact the name “filé” has its origin from the french word “filet”, meaning net. Threads above threads that involve complex processes of execution and improvement through this long historic period of transferring from generation to generation

To make a piece you first have to make a net that looks like a fishing net, and this is the most difficult part because it takes a lot of time to make this net,  and then when the net is ready  you stretch it over a wooden frame and then you start making the embroidery over it. And when the piece is ready you remove it from the wooden frame and sew it together.