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WeAnnaBe - a label of fashionable women's clothing in the style of "smart kazhual", founded in 2014.

The founder and creative director of the brand Anna Sokol is a master of visual images, a professional photographer in the past. Now he shoots exclusively for his project. The team, led by Anna, is positioning their offspring as something more than a fashion brand, and offering their fans in addition to clothing and shoes, a whole way of life. "We have a vision of what a modern and progressive girl needs, the basis on which we build our brand.Lately, women have changed a lot, their way of life has changed and we want to go not just in step with them, we try to get ahead of them" , - says Anya.

The designer produces feminine and laconic clothes, modern classics, while using textured and unusual fabrics. The overall style of the brand is a smart cache. Another distinctive feature of the brand is a pleasant pricing policy: WeAnnaBe owns its own production, which allows us to keep prices at a competitive level even in times of instability, without sacrificing the quality of our products.

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