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Natalie Kogan x Maksim Mizgirev for Grazia Slovenia

Hello everyone!

We are excited to share with you the results of our collaboration with Natalie Kogan and Maksim Mizgirev for Grazia Slovenia!

Drawing inspiration from Nature, one can distance themselves from the city hustle and embrace the tranquility of greenery by taking a walk at the Conservatory Garden in Central Park. With the aid of AI, fashion comes alive in a whole new world.

We’re sharing with you a special fashion story unfolding the embrace of magical nature.

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the preparation and execution of this photoshoot.

Team: Natalie Kogan, Maksim Mizgirev, Claudia Oyanedel, Gigi Valentino, Soul Artist.

Designers: 2madison Avenue, Bbloomed, Beautiisoles by Robyn Shreiber, Chris Donovan Footwear, COURBEGINNING, Divineity, Dotty, ELENA RUDENKO, Elindesign Jewellery, Elmadawy New York, FRANCINI_K, House of Gillian Marie Couture, La Musa, Liina Stein, María Salinas, Nafari Moda, Natacha Van, Noah’s inc, PAPINGO MAMINGA, PB-design, PIILLZ N POIZN, Pregomesh, Rosa Isela, SASHA LOOCHI, Seasonal Whispers, Seraglio Designs, Tube Gallery!                                                                                                        And remember, for your own nature-inspired photoshoots, you can find stunning looks at Flying Solo NYC and Paris.

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