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Amilera 3D Hyaluronic Intense Serum


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Monodose ampoules provide anti-aging benefits for firming and lifting skin.
The unique 3D Hyaluronic Acid infusion system is 3 different molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid that act on different layers of the
skin, penetrating deeper from the top. The product appears to plump up skin eliminating the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles formed by lack
of resilience and elasticity. . It provides long lasting moisture and keeps your skin soft, smooth, and supple.

The Botox-like, anti wrinkle protein, topically blocks the neurotransmitters that cause muscle contractions, so it helps the facial muscles relax. As a result, the depth and scope of wrinkles seem to be dramatically reduced, while skin texture improves.:

Key Ingredients:
•Hyaluronic acid
•Acetyl hexapeptide 8 (Argireline®)

Product Details-
  • Made in Germany