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AQ Skin Solutions

AQ Skin Solutions Lash Enhancement System


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Maximize your genetic potential—without the side effects. AQ Lash is uniquely designed to promote longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes and eyebrows through AQ's patented GF Formula (U.S. Pat. 5,518,879). This safe and natural serum is formulated to restore the health and vitality of eyelashes and eyebrows by encouraging hair matrix production and growth.

The benefits of AQ Lash are numerous. It promotes lash and brow growth to maximize your genetic potential without containing harsh chemicals or preservatives, such as phosphates and lead, which can cause adverse effects on the eyes or eyelids. Importantly, AQ Lash contains no prostaglandins (glaucoma drugs), ensuring that it will not change the color of your eyes or tint your eyelids.

Additionally, AQ Lash comes with disposable applicators uniquely designed for precise application. With AQ Lash, you can achieve fuller, longer, and more youthful-looking lashes and eyebrows with less breakage, all without the undesirable side effects commonly associated with other lash-enhancing products.

Product Details-
  • Made in U.S.

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