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Baby Hair

Baby Hair Edge Control-Crazy Hair Days-Green Apple


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Can't get your edges to stay in place? Well, a little goes a long way with Baby Hair Crazy Hair Days Edge Control. Instructions & Tips: Open tin collect a small amount (dime size) on your index finger. Rub the edge control between your index finger and thumb to smooth, then apply to your edges. You may use an edge control styling brush (an old toothbrush works too!) Using too much of this product will cause a white residue, so less is more. You may also reactivate the leftover edge control by wetting an edge control brush with water and applying the water to those areas where the edge control was applied previously. Edge control, also known as edge tamer, is a styling product that's made specifically for smoothing and slicking down the strands along your hairline. You can also use a bit of edge control to tame flyaways on other parts of your hair. Comes in great smelling scents.

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