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Bajer Watches

Bajer Watches Artemita Burgundy


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Breathtaking designs with extreme precision, this Bajer Watches pièces de résistance features a glossed dial and glossed stainless steel finishing. In the Bajer Watches Artemita Burgundy, we picked the Protection motif for you on the wristband.

The Bajer Watches Protection motif honors the Kurdish woman who wove her wish to protect the household into her rug. You can carry your emotions on your wrist with our hand-crafted straps. You can tell a story of your own without using a single word.

Leather: Handcrafted 100% Italian Leather Strap, designed and mounted by a local, family-owned atelier in Italy.

Size: 38 mm

Wristband Color: Burgundy-Wine

Wristband: Easily interchangeable with other 18mm Bajer wristbands to effortlessly accommodate exchangeable styling

Product Details-
  • Composition: 100% Leather
  • Made in Switzerland, Italy