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BareBearBerry SMILE Anti-aging and Volume Boosting Serum


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0.5 fl.oz.liq/15 ml

- Volume-increasing peptide improves facial appearance and provides a curvy silhouette.
- Anti-aging peptide reduces expression wrinkles in a Botox-like mechanism.
- Extract from the microalgae Nannochloropsis oculata creates both a fast, instant tightening experience, and a superior long term skin firming effect.
- Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid ensures penetration into the skin and delivery of the cosmeceutical ingredients.
- Meadowfoam seed oil provides easy skin absorption, excellent moisturizing effect, and effective UV protection.
- Jojoba oil is rich in Vitamin E, mimics the skin’s sebum and balances out your complexion.
- Ylang ylang flower oil enhances the relaxation and balance of emotions, which helps to reduce stress and promote positivity.
- Calendula extract is ideal for dry, irritated, and delicate skin.
- Edelweiss extract contains phytochemicals (chlorogenic acid, luteolin, bisabolene derivatives, and beta sitosterol), which are ideal for anti-oxidant and anti-aging purpose.

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  • Made in Canada