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Bloomy Lotus

Bloomy Lotus Wearable Negative Ion Diffuser, Blue


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Stay protected—everywhere you go!

Bloomy Lotus® has paired innovative design with high performance technology to create this ingenious device that is the first of its kind!

Small, portable, and incredibly sophisticated, this wearable cleans the ambient air around you with high filtration efficiency so that no matter where you are—you are in a safe, fragrant bubble. Minimizing exposure to bacteria, allergens, smoke, and dust, the Negative Ion Wearable diffuser helps you lead a healthier life - allowing you to breathe easier with your favorite scent.

Featuring a long-lasting, rechargeable battery, this lightweight, silent necklace is specifically designed to remove airborne pollutants, viruses, pollen, molds, cigarette smoke and dust mites from your personal space.

Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil on the specially designed disc for a purifying and relaxing aroma while the negative ions emitted from the necklace protect the air around you.

Includes a rechargeable battery, ion wearable with cord, a designed disc for essential oil absorption, USB charger and a bag for safekeeping.

Product Details-
  • Product Care: Spot Clean with Damp Cloth
Bloomy Lotus Wearable Negative Ion Diffuser, Blue