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Chaine Handcrafted necklace chain with carabiner


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The necklace is an original shaping chain that is featured in a single-strand linked design. The chain made from solid steel gives the bijou durability and reliability. All bijoux are handcrafted in Ukraine. We use material produced in Italy.

The chain is perfectly formed in Boho & hippie style. So bold and statement-making oversized necklace featured in a linked chain design will make any appearance irresistible. Add a charming effect to your outfit.

Being able to stack up your necklaces to create unique designs and combinations is so much fun, and it looks pretty on almost any outfit. Create and design simply by combining a couple of excellent metal chains.

If you want to be unique and irresistible, this thing is a must-have for you. A chain necklace gorgeous addition for any fit look begins classical to sport styles.

Personalize your look with this bijou chain. The glorious necklace works shiny by day by night.

Handcrafted Ukraine

Material: high-quality steel

Materials produced Italy

Colore: gold;


length 50-53 cm (19,7" -20,9")

Product Details-
Chaine Handcrafted necklace chain with carabiner