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DOS Cosmetics Store MANDELICUM | Night Light Exfoliating Solution


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This global-awarded product is a refreshing light exfoliating and toning lotion that cleans the skin deeply. Enhances cell longevity and protects against oxidative stress. The solution prepares the skin at night to deeply absorb the ingredients of the treatments and improve immediately and excellent results to the skin.

Ideal for all skin types, from acne prone skin to dehydrated skin, skin with dark spots or sensitive skin.

This antimicrobial and antibacterial action regulates the normal secretions of the skin and decongests the skin harmoniously. It thus allows skin pores to shrink to their normal size.

The powerful combination of antioxidant Greek herbs, such as organic turmeric plasma and Greek mountain tea gives an immediate glow to the skin.

Epidermal pigments or deepest dark spots visibly discolored in the first month of use. The skin remains hydrated and and balanced thanks to the hyaluronic acid that loves water, while at the same time it acquires a softer and more youthful appearance. Enhances the production of natural lipids in the skin in the U zone of the face, helping to tighten.

Mandelicum Night Solution is the secret key to your beauty cabinet thanks to its numerous properties.

Product Details-
  • Made in Greece