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DOS Cosmetics ULTIMATE GLOW BEAUTY KIT | Gua Sha Tool with Ascorbin Night Serum for Glowing skin


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This Face Serum with concentrated and stabilized Vitamin C, designed with 7 pure active ingredients, the magic 7, as our experts described it, offers antiwrinkle, antioxidant, hydrating, repairing and antimicrobial effect. We combined this unique product, that travels your senses, with Gua Sha Beauty Tool that used centuries before and changed nowadays Skincare.

It soothes the skin, rebalance moisture, brightens skin tone, cleanses clogged pores and tightens them while powerful enhancing natural cells metabolism. Activates natural production of collagen and elastin. Combined with propanediol, a natural ingredient derived from corn peel, it visible reduces signs of aging and fine lines, offering smoother, brighter and firmer skin. Powerful antioxidants such as plasma of curcumin, sea buckthorn and black raw rice normalize skin tone. This combination has a strong antimicrobial action and repair cells, damaged by exposure to UV radiation. The skin gain resilience offering longevity to new skin cells. Dramatically younger and brighter skin day by day!

Ideal for all From skin with tendency to acne prone to dehydrated or even sensitive skin.

This serum with a smooth texture in the form of oil ti will amaze you. It is absorbed deeply into the skin and the skin texture softens immediately.

Product Details-
  • Made in Greece