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Equal Hands

Equal Hands Maruliunaya wayuu mochila bag


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There is a saying amongst the Wayuu tribes of Columbia, β€œTo be a woman is to know how to weave.” The skill of weaving is highly respected within their matriarchal culture and is a symbol of creativity, wisdom, and status.

Behold the mochila bag - delicately and painstakingly handwoven by the women of the Wayuu. These artful accessories tell stitched stories of each maker. Based on traditional weaving techniques passed down for generations, each maker literally weaves her own experiences, thoughts, stories, and dreams into the bag as iconic design elements.

No two bags are alike and no bag is ever truly recreated – each one an artisanal one-of-a-kind piece. Depending on the crochet design, a single mochila takes up to a month of handwork to make.

Fun Fact: Maruliunaya in Wayuunaiki means the trace of kitchen utensil which is part of the motif of this bag's pattern.

Product Details-
  • Product Care: Dry Clean
Equal Hands Maruliunaya wayuu mochila bag