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Juju Gems Jewellery Lunula Turquoise Earrings


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The Lunula Amulet Earring are made with sterling silver and 9 karat gold.
We have adapted this Viking treasure into a unique and empowering pair of earrings.
Adding Turquoise beads and long subtly textured handmade gold tassel drops.

Each earring hook is handmade and carefully shaped to fit perfectly on the ear.
Each 9 karat gold tassel is painstakingly hammered and shaped into a textured drop, created using the same technique as the ancients.

Turquoise is the one of the most captivating stones of the ancients and one that has remained extremely popular over the ages.
It represents wisdom and tranquillity.
A strong protection stone and one of good fortune and hope.

Lunula Amulets were hugely popular amongst Slavic and Viking women.
They were worn to represent their devotion to the moon, which to them was a symbol of femininity and fertility. They strongly believed in the protective power of the crescent moon symbol, and by wearing the Lunula these women helped to attract luck and happiness, as well as protect themselves.

The Lunula Amulet honours the true treasures and real artefacts from a time long gone.
We pay respect to the ancient metalsmiths and the cultures to which they belong.
To offer true replicas of their craftsmanship for the modern world to enjoy and admire, reincarnated into modern wearable pieces.

– Lunula Amulet cast in solid sterling silver from an authentic 9th century bronze artefact
– The sterling silver has a patina finish to bring out the rustic detail.
– 9 karat yellow gold handmade hammer tone hooks in a kite shape embellishment.
– Faceted natural Turquoise beads.
– Handmade 9ct yellow gold beads and wire work.
– 9 karat yellow gold hammered tassel drops.

*All sizes and weights are approximate

Earring length from piercing: 3 Inches
Width: 1 Inch
Weight: 9 grams total

Product Details-
  • Composition: 9 karat Gold, Sterling Silver, Turquoise
  • Made in Australia

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