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Juliana Heels – Artemis – Mare Flat Sandal



Does the Goddess of vegetation, wild animals, and hunting inspire you? If you too want to be carefree like the Greek mythical creature and enjoy the pleasures of the world outside, then our stunning pair of flats is the best companion for you.
Those who adore the outdoors also need a pair of shoes that are comfortable and easy to wear for hours on end. Our Artemis pair of flats pay tribute to the Greek Goddess whose carefree nature and love for the outdoors inspire many modern women of today.
The beautiful hues of the metallic ropes add an element of fun and playfulness to your profile while lending style, fashion-forwardness, and vibrancy to your outfits. Every woman deserves to pamper herself with the best and we think our Artemis flats come pretty close to it.

Product Details-
  • Product Care: Dry Clean
  • Composition: Metallic Leather