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Keeper Beauty Co.

Keeper Beauty Co. 2 Pack Luxury Envelope Style- Organic Silk Pillowcases (Pink Princess) Queen Size


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Introducing Keeper Beauty Co.'s high-end collection of exquisite luxury Silk pillowcases for skin and hair.

Our pillows are 100% organic silk. Grade 6A 22MM and made with Queen and King-worthy craftsmanship. Our silk pillowcases are well made and of the highest quality and non-toxic dyes.

Our pillowcases are a comfortable and elegant envelope fit. No mulfunctioning zippers or uncomfortable tight fitting design.

A symbol of love, nobility, and elegance. Reside in royalty dreamland and elevate your sleep experience with our ultra soft, cooling, smooth breathable, and lavish designed pillowcases.

With Keeper Beauty Co. silk pillowcases silky smooth skin and hair are your everyday norm. Find the coveted fountain of youth while you sleep and experience relaxation and radiance every day.

Our pillowcases are a wonder to lay your head on, they feel luxurious, cooling, and sexy. Elevating your sleep and bedroom experience has never been easier. Wake up to beautiful no crease or dry skin and hair every day. We are your beauty sleep in a box so you can wake up and get ready to own your day.

Please allow for slight color variation due to photography and lighting.

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