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KmXtend Hair Extensions Platinum White Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions M60/ICE


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Clip in Hair Extensions by KmXtend enhances you with the confidence you already have within yourself.
Our clip in hair extensions enhances anyone wanting to look good and feel confident while she stands strong, expresses creativity, and achieves new goals. Looking absolutely the best when presenting yourself is a never-ending process and is what we are here to do.
We provide you a chance to be creative and experiment with looks that you have always wanted to try and that you feel beautiful in. By trying something new you are highly likely to have a confidence boost, which will help you feel good in everything else that you do.

KmXtend Hair Extensions is currently redefining the standard for beautifully rich and natural-looking hair in the industry. Our renowned Clip In Hair Extensions are double drawn ( which means all hair is the same length from root to tip) and have full density. Our hair has been leaving dramatic impressions with ladies across the globe.

Our vast array of colored wefts provides every girl out there tons of looks to experiment with. Each weft comes from authenticly well-cared hair , safely colored to perfection with long-lasting color that won’t fade.


Each bundle is 8 wefts 160 grams total . 20" in length
Remy Cuticle Aligned Double Drawn Hair
Custom colors are available see our color ring
100% authentic and ethically sourced hair
Numerous rich color tones to pick from
Bulk discounts are available

Product Details-
  • Made in China