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Lofti Life

Lofti Life RELAX Bomb


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Our RELAX Bath Bombs are part of our most relaxing Lavender range, designed to help you unwind and feel the tension ease away preparing the mind for rest.

Floral and uplifting

The Relax Scent is a relaxing, soothing and balancing blend of Lavender Oil that also helps reduce inflammation, reduce cellulite and fluid retention and is also antiseptic.

RELAX Bath Bombs detox, nourish, soften and exfoliate while boosting immunity and infusing the skin with vitamins and anti-oxidants using the synergetic effect of essential oils and Hemp extract combining a wonderfully skin smoothing base mix of Kaolin Clay, Hemp Oil, Jojoba Oil and Epsom Salts all combined to give you a whole body experience.

150g - 7.5cm
Box & shredded cardboard made from sustainable materials. Cellulose bag made from plant material. All packaging except label is ultimately compostable.

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Lofti Life RELAX Bomb