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MARA MEGELEA – The Bogota Petite Ring


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We can be sensitive yet strong, focused yet wild, sophisticated yet simple, spontaneous yet organized.

At the heart of the Alter Ego collection lies the art of decision-making without making compromises. It is about embracing and honoring the duality within us by seeking balance and harmony between our Alter and our Ego equally.

The Bogota Petite ring is set with 25 Colombian Emeralds on one side and 25 White Diamonds on the other side. The total carat weight of a standard size is approximately 0.45 carat. Color grade G, Clarity Grade VVS1, Triple Excellent Cut.

"In a world where everything needs to be defined, I've crafted this collection as a tribute to the multifaceted human nature—unique and precious, much like every facet of gemstones I've sourced."
Mara Megelea, GIA Gemologist and Jewelry Designer

Ring Size: 53 EU / 6.5 US
Emeralds are more delicate than sapphires and diamonds. They require a bit more love and care during everyday life & adventures.

Product Details-
  • Composition: 18K Yellow Gold
  • Made in Switzerland

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