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MARA MEGELEA – The Sardinia Sun Ring


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The Sardinia Sun model captures the rich palette of colors from dawn till dusk.

Few realize sapphires come in all colors. Our eternity ring features 30 Sri Lankan sapphires of exceptional quality, ranging from intense orange to light yellow.

The flawless gradient repeats twice around a size 53 ring, totaling approximately 1.29 carats.

"In a world where everything needs to be defined, I've crafted this collection as a tribute to the multifaceted human nature—unique and precious, much like every facet of gemstones I've sourced during my travels."
Mara Megelea, GIA Gemologist and Jewelry Designer

Ring Size: 53 EU / 6.5 US

Product Details-
  • Composition: 18K Yellow Gold
  • Made in Switzerland

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