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Ultra-hydrating face cream that provides long-lasting hydration and deep nourishment by strengthening the skin's natural protective barrier against blue light from technologies. Softer, flexible, elastic and luminous skin.

Formulated with the latest natural technology in hydration which reduces skin stress thanks to the soothing and anti-inflammatory effect of Pomegranate and Organic Aloe Vera that reduce redness and inflammation. Increases skin hydration through the combined action of Vegetable Hyaluronic Acid of HMW and Organic Coconut Oil, stimulating water retention in the skin. In addition, it fights stress, free radicals, and oxidative damage with Apricot Extract, rich in vitamin C, which gives the body a defensive power against cell degradation. It has an anti-aging effect thanks to its high content of Orchid Stem Cells. Skin with a more refined, hydrated, and reinforced texture, protected from the radiation emitted by new technologies (blue light) that stress and accelerate aging.

Main features:
Promotes microcirculation.
Deep layer hydration.
Calming and anti-inflammatory action.
Probiotic action.
Photo-protectant action.

Lifting Effect for a younger look.
Eliminates bags and dark circles.
Filler | Smoothens expression lines.

Age Recommended: 25 years and older.
For: All skin types | Including sensitive and prone to allergies skin.
Frequency: Day | Night.
Texture: Light | Non-greasy | Fast absorption.
Aroma: Mild | Alcohol-free | Lotus Flower.
Size: 30 ml – 1.01 fl. oz.

99% Natural I Bio I Halal I Vegan I Cruelty-Free I 0% Parabens I 0% Chemicals I 0% Water

Product Details-
  • Made in SPAIN